Essential Oil GC/MS Testing

Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry testing, otherwise known as GC/MS testing, is one of doTERRA’s thorough testing methods that ensures quality essential oils. Watch this video and learn the inner workings of GC/MS testing. By learning about this methodical testing method, you can be confident that the doTERRA essential oils you purchase will be pure and strong and bring you the best essential oil benefits.
doTERRA’s quality testing methods bring a new standard of purity and potency to the world of essential oils. It is not uncommon for many oils available for purchase to be inundated with fillers and contaminants. These types of oils restrict the uses and benefits of essential oils through their lack of purity. Because doTERRA knows the impact a pure drop of oil can have on individuals, they use their thorough testing methods to guarantee that their oils are free from fillers and contaminants and are certified pure.
Errata: In a GC, smaller molecules come off first, followed by larger molecules. In the video, we say that larger molecules come off first, which is incorrect. Watch Video Here