Staying Healthy During my quarantine

So, yeah, I live in China. I have lived there for almost 16 years. It's my home. My roots are deep. We have a Chinese daughter. My heart is breaking for what is happening there. We were on a holiday in Koh Tao, Thailand - literally, the news broke while we were at the airport to head home. Regan was catching a plane back to Boston and David, Kailin and I were headed back to China. We had the conversation: Should Kailin and I just head back to the USA? No, it can't be as bad as the media is saying - it's probably hype.  So, we went home. We thought we would hunker down for a week or two. Now, Kailin has a blood disease, so she falls into the category of "immune-compromised".  So, we immediately had to stay indoors. Right away I made a plan!  I knew we would go stir crazy in our apartment - no going out, and no one could come in.  What were the core areas we had to stay healthy (and sane!) Physical health: exercise, oils (On Guard to the rescue!!), sleep - these I could control. What I didn't expect was NO fresh produce! Out of my control. This started to affect my mental state! I learned during this process that I like control.  There were things I could - and suddenly some BIG things I couldn't!  Mental health: OILS!! (Adaptiv, Balance, Citrus Bliss to name a few!), quiet time or meditation, sitting out on our little balcony for at least 20 minutes when the sun would shine. Spending calm family time. We watched a lot of Hallmark movies! Played games and cooked unusual meals together! Spiritual health: We watched sermons online, prayed for China and all the people affected, I have a prayer group that I was in constant contact with.  I called my mentors for counsel.  I REACHED OUT! Business health: I called all of my leaders - many in China - many displaced! Unable to come home. I loved on them. I knew what they were going through because I was going through it too!  There was no judgment, some didn't return, some have stayed and others left as things got worse. Everyone did the best for their situations - they are STILL doing their best. We got into a pretty good routine and then the borders started to tighten.  IF Kailin were to fall ill, where would she get the best care? She has amazing doctors in Denver.  We finally made the decision to return to the States.  A few days of settling in and the back to the beginning - Getting that INTENTIONAL ROUTINE of health!!!  Only now we have added in homeschooling!!! (Can I give a shout out to all of the homeschooling moms???  It is a lot harder than it sounds!)  To run my business, and homeschool (grateful for my mom who is helping a ton and willingly went into quarantine with us!!) we had to add a whole new level of intention and new oils - InTune and Peppermint for focus and let's just say I had to order grandma her own Adaptiv roller!! As for the rest, eat whole foods, drink lots of water, sleep 7-8 hours, exercise 20-30 minutes per day (that's PE Class now!), family, friends, God, oils... Repeat!  

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