Looking to Support your Immune System?

We need to be upping our immune systems more than ever right now ~ And our family's!
I actually think this is important any time of the year, but during our existing crisis, it's more relevant than ever. Keeping our immune systems strong is the #1 thing we can do RIGHT NOW to protect ourselves.
Stress, travel, weather changes, or seasonal events can have a negative impact on our immune systems - particularly STRESS - and how stressful is the world right now?? There are so many news stories and scary scenarios circulating many of us our finding ourselves in a constant state of stress! You may actually be spending more time than ever before looking for immune-supporting products you can have on hand.
Now you hear me talk a lot about the basics: Eat WHOLE foods (If God made it, eat it - if man made it, don't!), have a good sleep routine and move your body 20 minutes a day. But did you know essential oils can add an extra line of defense, before antibiotics are ever needed?
With so many of us avoiding public places, doctor's offices, and stores, you may be wondering what you can do FROM HOME to alleviate minor discomforts and protect your health...
There are 5 main essential oils for supporting the immune system that everyone should have on hand:
  1. Frankincense (anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, immune stimulant and so much more - this is known as the King of Oils)
  2. Lemon (astringent, detoxifying and antiseptic)
  3. Oregano (antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, antiviral)
  4. OnGuard (the ultimate immunity blend by doTERRA that harnesses the power of these and more top health-promoting oils)
  5. Tea Tree/Melaleuca (anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiseptic)
My team call this blend the FLOOT, and everybody needs to play it! ;-) Using these oils together in a rollerball bottle simply on the bottom of your foot, can keep your family protected and less susceptible to immune threats.
But if you really want to know how to protect your family and boost their immunity naturally, please just book a call with me!  I would love to tell you  how you can detox your home, boost your immune system, calm your nerves and more - all naturally!

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