Regan on Climatarianism

Climatarianism?? Is that a word? I think so  

As many of you know, my oldest Regan Jayne, is a grad student at Harvard studying nutrition and food sustainability.  Let's just say the apple didn't fall far from the tree! In this 30 minute talk, she systematically nails a lot of the issues we are facing today.  Now, Regan is a Vegan. 🌱 I am mostly plant-based. My husband and Kailin eat whatever I make at home, but if we go out, those two are known to order a steak as a treat - I put them in the "reduce-atarian" bucket.  What I love about this talk is that it is super informative. Loads of statistics and not a whole lot of emotion.  It's worth your time to become aware of your food choices and maybe, hopefully, just start "reducing" in areas that speak to you. At the end of her talk she does want to hear your thoughts - you can find Regan on @oylwithme on IG.  I think she's amazing - and I am for sure a littles biased - let's be real! Listen Here

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