Little Natural BioHacks to uplevel your physical & Emotional well being

Well, we have now been in Colorado for a little over two months and this has all been quite unexpected. We are trying our best to stay positive, stay in a routine and make the best of it. 
Of course, when we first left China there was no way for us to realize how dire the situation would become globally. There was no way that we could have guessed that we would be now homeschooling going into our third month. I know a lot of you who might be reading this from America are just starting the process- can I say hang in there? If I had known how long this was going to go on, I certainly would have started being more intentional a lot sooner.  So if you're reading this now and these changes are fairly new to you, please pick up these little NATURAL biohacks and feel better faster!
I have always been very interested in biohacking. Actually, in anything healthy. This probably stems from the Cardiac Event I had at 21 and the journey that put me on to live my life to its fullest, and with the most energy, highest quality and IN purpose!   
So, once we got settled into our new life and a new routine here in Colorado I have definitely picked up a lot of my natural biohacks once again. I thought that I would share them with you in hopes that it could help you feel better, do better, be better. So I'm going to make a list in this blog of the biohacks that I'm going to talk about over the next few days on this page.
Some of the things that I love:
Forest bathing
Infrared light therapy (I will tell you what I'm going to be doing since my JOOVV light is home in China)
TrueDark glasses 
Weighted blankets 
Bulletproof Coffee
EZ Water
San Pellegrino
Gratitude & Forgiveness
Essential Oils

I’m excited to share all of these little biohacks in detail! How, why and when I do them - you’ll be surprised how easy it is to incorporate into your life naturally!

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