Back to school, Back to our new reality


It’s back to school time again - sorta, maybe?  It is a difficult and confusing time for parents and students -will they go to school, home school - a hybrid? What's the right answer?? For students, this brings up mixed emotions: the excitement of possibly interacting with their friends at school and also a sadness that this long summer is over. For parents, the feeling of fear on how they can still give the best for their children with the pandemic still in full force and without compromising their physical, mental, and emotional health. Can I recommend Adaptiv for mom and dad here??  This is an incredible oil for stress - and if you're anything like me, I've been feeling it for a while now! Watch this video:

In the educational context, to sustain and provide quality education despite lockdowns and community quarantines, is a whole other challenge. What exactly is the “new normal educational system”?  With the help of the internet and technology, this new era of the new educational system will require a lot of adjustments for educators, students and also the parents. If you chose the study at home route, imagine a “classroom” with no boards, no visual aids, no desks and laboratory stools, no colorful backpacks, and most of all, no cheerful students chit chatting with fellow students. If your child goes to school, imagine masks, social distancing, no recess and eating lunch at your desk… and of course the hybrid model is a little of each.  I don’t know if you’re sad reading this, but I sure am sad writing it. Again, watch above video and share it with your teachers!!

What I do know is that we need to make this “new normal” as stress free for our children as possible! Here are some helpful tips that may help each of us get our kids prepared as early as possible. 

Sleeping Habits
Just like adults, kids are the best version of themselves when they’ve had enough sleep. Just about a week before the school begins, start working with your child to get them back to the school-sleep routine. Routine is critical to learning and sleep - so take this point seriously!
Try these diffuser recipes that can help your kid sleep soundlessly: 

We will also need to wake up the ‘learner’ side of our children.  Yes, just like getting them into the sleep routine, we need to get our young ones ready for the school routine and ready to start learning. Read to your child or go over your child’s last school year notes/books just to refresh their memories. You can also get those creative juices out and keep the learning environment at home warm and student-ready by creating a “school space” which they will come to know as their “home school”. Unfortunately, most of us can’t  go out and get a tour of the historic monuments, museums, or even the zoo. So, try to be creative in watching movies or videos about these places together. 
For the really little ones, doing basic self-help tasks such as tying their shoes and zipping coats or small decision-making such as what food to eat and how to clean their plates up after a meal, it’s essential that parents don’t miss this part of learning.  Our children feel a great sense of pride which leads to confidence and self-esteem - something they need to equip them as they grow. 

Here are some great recipe blends to help kids focus and learn:

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