Surprise! Sharing my Detox Class!

So, January is the month that my team and I really focus on detoxing - it's just so important for so many reasons.  I just taught an amazing class on detoxing "from the inside out".  This focuses on the 3 main ways we get exposed to toxic loads and the 3 main ways to avoid/support our bodies when this happens.  I thought instead of writing a whole blog on it, I would just share the recording of the class with you!

Click here to see it: Detox Class 
On the same day I taught the class I had the most gorgeous raw food lunch -
Baby Arugula, zucchini noodles, leeks, Kidney Bean Balls with a pesto dressing!  I will never ask you to do what I don't do myself - and what I teach my children to do!

So, because the class is long, I shall keep this blog short!  
Ōwn Your Life!

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