First responders get “earthing” equipment to promote mental health

Author: Matt Yurus (12News)Published: 1:03 PM MST April 14

A councilwoman partnered with an alternative medicine advocate and Phoenix Suns Charities to get the equipment to police and fire fighters.
PHOENIX — A unique approach to taking care of our first responders' mental health is underway in Phoenix. It’s called “earthing.”
The practice allegedly helps people repair mentally and physically by connecting with energy from the earth. Phoenix Councilwoman Laura Pastor wanted to bring the practice to first-responders by handing out free equipment to them city-wide, beginning at Fire Station 30. 
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"It deescalates the body when you see something," Councilwoman Pastor said, describing the alleged benefits of the practice. "It calms the body. And it helps also with sleep."
The councilwoman partnered with Dr. Deepak Chopra, an alternative medicine advocate, and Phoenix Suns Charities to get this equipment to police and fire departments. 
Phoenix Fire Department's Assistant Chief Mark Gonzales sleeps on one of the pieces of equipment called a “grounded sleep mat.” 
“I've been using this for about a year," he said. "And I can tell you that I sleep deeper, I have less aches and pains, and it's been a good product for me." 
Phoenix Fire Engineer Richie Robnett isn't familiar with "earthing," but he is keeping an open mind. 
"Our biggest thing is our memberships mental health and safety,” Robnett said. “So I think if this is going to contribute to that, I'm all for it."
The equipment was scheduled to be rolled out before the pandemic. If it is in fact healing over hype, the timing could not better. 
Councilwoman Laura PastorThe following also is provided in Spanish . Lo siguiente también es provisto en español . Phoenix native Laura Pastor is a fifth-generation Arizonan and current member of the Phoenix City Council, having been first elected in 2013 and again to a second term in 2017. She is a graduate of St. Phoenix