Marla Payne

Victoria is such an encouraging and inspiring leader and friend!  She has a huge heart for helping others and empowering them to live fuller and healthier lives! She gives selflessly of her time, love and resources! I feel so blessed to be on her team and to have her mentor me in my oil journey and business!

Ally Mona
China, USA

There’s no other woman I’d rather have in my corner than Victoria Plekenpol. She’ll go to the ends of the earth and back to help you get the success you’re after.

Bruno Schuyten
China, Belgium

Working with Victoria is not just like having a health coach, or a life coach, or a business mentor, she literally changed my life under every aspect for the better. She uplifted me from a charity case to an international charity board member and a leader of a global humanitarian, health-minded entrepreneur who wants to make the world a better place. Fasten your seatbelt when you say yes to join her in this wonderful journey, she will rock your entire universe and give you the opportunity not only to become the best version of yourself but to also have a powerful mission to empower others!
I have loved almost every bit of it but you have to be willing to learn, grow and change for her magic to happen, she can bring you the resources, knowledge, and skills-but she can't do it for you!!

Yvonne Looye
The Netherlands

Victoria and I met in the years she and her young family lived in The Netherlands. What I found out is when she embraces something from her heart center she runs with it to share it with the world.
That is how we reconnected in the summer of 2015. I noticed her posts on social media about DoTERRA products and placed her in the category of wacky people until I heard her story. So she got me, being a lawyer by training, I drove far to go to a meeting of DoTERRA in The Netherlands. Listening to the story of Dave Stirling, then and still CEO of DoTERRA it resonated with me that all values this company is driven by, reflected Victoria’s values: honesty, empathy, care, fairness, connectedness, and community!!!!
That was the moment I jumped in and Victoria was there to “catch’ me. She taught me all her lessons learned, her 'fall back and pick me up' strategies. We had much fun as well as tearful phone calls as I found out that being in this business is a self-development roller coaster wrapped in oils. Who better to have as my companion in this adventure than Victoria Plekenpol!!!!! She created the Fellowship of the Oils, a safe group of inspiring women interested in natural health remedies to support our personal life and that of our families. 
Her impact on my life has been deep and profound. Thanks, Victoria, forever grateful with love,

Michelle Vines
China, USA

I moved across the globe and what a tremendous blessing it has been to partner with Victoria. My family was searching for solutions for optimal health and through Victoria we now have the best natural products available at our fingertips. Every 2-3 years my family is moving. I support my husband in his career and care for our two boys—but there was that little voice inside whispering “find your purpose”. Victoria shared this amazing business opportunity and provided the tools I need to grow. This has truly been a personal and professional development journey. I am forever grateful for Victoria’s friendship and leadership.

Pete Wilkes

Building a doTERRA business requires time and effort and part of the beauty of building with doTERRA is working with amazing leaders. Working alongside Victoria Plekenpol has been the best personal & professional decision of my life!  She has been a lighthouse in my life, influencing dramatic positive change both personally and professionally.  I have achieved significant increases in my sales, which continue to trend upward every month alongside my growth as a leader and business owner. When people ask for my secret weapon, Victoria Plekenpol is my answer. Victoria has the ability to turn the light on inside all of us and face any challenge we wish to conquer!  

Tiffany Hardegree
China, USA

Partnering with Victoria in this business is a no brainer, her heart for orphans and her heart to support her leaders in pursuing their dreams, owning their lives is what has me saying YES to joining her in this incredible journey with doTERRA. Victoria has paved the way for growing a global company with purpose and HEART. I'm grateful to be a part of it!

Wang Wengjing (MK)

Since meeting Victoria, my life has been entirely transformed. I finally found my voice, my passion, and my mission but not only, but I’m empowered and empowering other women to love their life journey.

Sonja Stuempfig

Visionary and Inspiring: two words to describe Victoria. It’s been four years since she inspired me to take control of my health and my family’s, and to pay it forward by becoming a Natural Solutions Educator with doTERRA. And I can say that without her mentorship I wouldn’t be the leader I am today. She is unstoppable, kind, generous and a true leader committed to making us see what we sometimes can’t: our own potential.