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Hi, I’m Victoria. Mom of three. I began my holistic health journey at 21, after surviving a heart attack that totally shifted my perspective on health and gratitude.

In the past decade, I’ve become fascinated with a concept called “natural biohacking”, a way to optimize human performance and longevity using the power of nature (mostly plants!).

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Hi, I’m Victoria!

Functional Nutrition Coach - Certified Aromatherapist -  dōTERRA Presidential Diamond

Welcome to my corner of the internet.

I can't wait to get to know you! In the meantime, I'll share a few things about my journey.

I began my international travels in 1994 when I married my husband David, and we set off for Hong Kong from my home in California. Over the past 28 years I have lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, America, The Netherlands, Scotland, and China for nearly 17 years!

David and I have two biological children, Regan and Garrett and Kailin Grace who we received through adoption. Kailin is now pure joy.

My Why


I would love to empower, educate, embrace and encourage you to Ōwn Your Life Without Boundaries!

What are you looking for?
How can I serve you on your unique path?

That is actually what I am here to do, serve you. My business is built on a foundation of love and trust. I trust you know what’s best for you and I am here to support you in creating the life you crave.

 My Mission

I believe that to live fully and fulfill the purpose we were created for, we must be healthy, clear-minded, and full of energy! We've got to take it up a notch, from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY. 

Health Journey 

Read more about my health journey over the last 30 years, from heart attack to wellness industry leader!

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Business Path

Learn how I turned my passion for health and wellness into a 7-figure international business with thousands of clients.

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Adoption Story

My biggest passion is orphan care! Read about how I am helping parents around the world finance adoption!!

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My Background

 Prior to joining doTERRA, I was a leader in the non-profit, social entrepreneurship space in China. In particular, my heart exploded with passion when I first experienced the heartbreaking orphan-care crisis right in our neighborhoods. Something had to be done and I thought, "If not me, who? If not now, when?" I spearheaded a number of initiatives:

Instrumental in the founding of a substantial orphan care organization called The Baobei Foundation (“precious baby”).

Played a major role in the planning and execution of two regional concert tours with Steven Curtis Chapman, being the first government approved Christian concert in China to raise funds for orphan care.

A dream come true for me was to help launch the Shanghai Healing Home. Within 8 years they have helped over 80 babies with cleft lip/palettes receive the care they need and find their forever families. I then started seeing so many women doing amazing things to care for the orphan, that I started Project James 127 under the Women of Joy ministry, which tracks orphan and widow causes in the community and connects the needs with the right community.

I served on the Board of Shanghai Chosen Families for 5 years. Their mission is to share information & resources and support for children's educational and emotional needs while living in Shanghai, with emphasis on learning disabilities, ADHD and identifying alternative educational solutions such as home schooling or boarding schools.

In 2012 I worked with Compassion International to have their first presence in China through the Global Leadership Summit. We were able to get 90 children around the world sponsored through this event.

My Health Journey

 I'm going to take you waaaay back for just a minute.  When I was 21 years old I had a cardiac event. Pretty much I dropped dead - but - the good news is I was in the emergency with a friend when it happened! So I am here to tell the tale. I ended up having an experimental procedure at the time called an ablation. Common today I know, but at the time I was even on the CNN Health show because of it! Let's just say this was a turning point in my life where I realized just how fragile life was and I didn't want to take it for granted or waste it. I became a nutritionist (and a vegan back before it was a thing!) and a fitness instructor. I was living life to the full and that's probably why my husband fell for me.

 We married and started a great adventure.  Our daughter Regan was born in Hong Kong. As she entered high school she developed incredible digestive issues.  I did every chart you could think of - stress, gluten, dairy - and we simply could not figure it out. My son, Garrett started having noticeable focus issues at a very early age. I did everything I could to avoid meds, but finally the school said "He can't come back until he's medicated". 


Then, we adopted our beautiful Kailin. We were told she was healthy, but at the age of two, she was diagnosed with a blood disorder. This caused her to be severely immunocompromised  and a common cold would instantly turn to pneumonia. This diagnosis came while I was going through another health crisis - a severe Thyroid issue that was actually life threatening!  REALLY??? 

I was exhausted. I was trying so hard - from the outside we looked like a nice, healthy family, but inside I felt like we were all falling apart. I was trying everything. We ate organic. I was putting us on every detox that came by. We all drank our protein shakes with whatever natural supplement I could find stirred in! We were earthing, exercising, meditating and praying - a lot! 

 Don't get me wrong. These things were helping, but it just didn't seem to be coming together. Until I found the missing piece.

My Journey

A little over 4 years ago my husband went to lunch with a long time friend who happened to be traveling through our city in China. You guessed it - he had left his position as CEO of a fitness equipment company to "do doTERRA". David came home and said I HAD to hear what Jon was doing - I was beyond skeptical - as you already  know, I was already a "health nut" and had never heard of this in all my research.  I didn't want to take the subway at 7:30am for an hour to hear about "snake oils" that were probably toxic! When David said - maybe it could help the kids, I went.

I had a brief chat with Jon and he gave me a small box of oils and a binder.  I went home and studied them for almost 2 months.  With Kailin's blood disease I had to be MORE THAN SURE about things I allowed into her life. I couldn't put them on her and hope they wouldn't hurt her.  She had already lost her hearing moderately due to an overdose of antibiotics from all the bouts of pneumonia!  The day I finally did put them on her (honestly, out of desperation because she had caught another cold that was running its horrible course.) changed our lives forever. 

I shipped a huge box to Regan at Dartmouth and exclaimed "YOU must try this!!" She did the Cleanse and Restore Gut reset...and then again and has never looked back.  She has joined me in my doTERRA mission and is studying nutrition and public policy at Harvard - because we now KNOW we can change the world! 

In regards to my son, with nutrition, meditation and the oils, he is off all meds (we did this with his doctor's supervision) and he is studying positive psychology at LMU. My thyroid, well, I lost it. However, I am managing my energy and weight again with nutrition and oils. It has become my mission to tell everyone that we have a better way.  A first line of defense for our families. I believe in my heart Kailin would not have lost her hearing had I known sooner - and if I can help one child to live a better life - I'm in!  

Now I am a Presidential Diamond leader and Founder of dōTERRA China and Founder of  ŌYL (Ōwn Your Life) Without Boundaries. With a global team of over 10,000, in more than 50 countries, I have developed an outstanding training and educational system to reach around the world and help you do the same - wherever you are.

Some Kind Words...

Marla | USA

Victoria is such an encouraging and inspiring leader and friend! She has a huge heart for helping others and empowering them to live fuller and healthier lives! She gives selflessly of her time, love and resources! I feel so blessed to be on her team and to have her mentor me in my oil journey and business!

Ally | Mexico

There’s no other woman I’d rather have in my corner than Victoria Plekenpol. She’ll go to the ends of the earth and back to help you get the success you’re after.



MK | China

Since meeting Victoria, my life has been entirely transformed. I finally found my voice, my passion, and my mission, I’m empowered and empowering other women to love their life journey.