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Ōwn Your Life

I’m so excited you’re interested in reading my business book and, who knows, perhaps even linking arms with me. This is an incredible opportunity for you to explore. Let’s dive into what this business means, looks like, and what it could make possible for you.

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Why I choose to build a dōTERRA business

  • I believed in dōTERRA’s products and wanted to help others elevate their health.
  • I wanted freedom. Physical, emotional, spiritual, time & financial freedom.
  • I knew that my life had more to offer and that my impact could be greater.
  • I wanted to leave a legacy for my children and my community.
  • I wanted to live out my passion ON purpose and IN purpose.
  • I had a burning desire to make a difference in other people’s lives and to help them live on purpose and reach their goals.

Does this all sound familiar to you?

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

– David Stirling, dōTERRA CEO

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Is this you?


Have you been feeling that there is something more out there for you?
A tug at your heart has been prompting you to take action and start creating a life filled with a clear identity, purpose, community, impact, and freedom.

Are you ready to create a business & life you love?

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You're interested in learning more, but you have loads of questions. I totally understand! And I've gone ahead and saved some time on my calendar for you.

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Does this sound like you?


The world-changing people that partner with me desire to make a positive impact upon the world and the people within it.

They are community builders—equipping others with empowering tools and helping them live into their own unique purpose.

Those who use dōTERRA essential oils typically find that they are so helpful and effective, they can't help but share them with others! As they do, they're excited to learn about all doTERRA has to offer, including an incredible compensation plan.

Learn more about how building a dōTERRA business with me can change your life and create greater freedom for those around you.



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Start your Business journey here, with me.


I love working with people just like you, who have a stirring in their soul and are prepared to take action. The type of person who pushes through fear or doubt to create the business and life they truly desire. I built my wellness business into a 6 figure success within 1 year. I can help you do the same if you are committed to building the skills and doing the mindset work I provide.

I was living in China, with two kids in college and my precious little one at home. Not only did I have no social media experience, it was actually blocked in my country and I had to "figure it out".

I had to figure everything out on my own - and I did! I committed to making sure anyone who works with me has access to everything I learned.

  • I will match your energy!
  • I pour my time & resources into every single person I work with, as long as they are equally committed to success!
    If I can do it, so can you!
  • Let me take your hand as I walk you through the exact steps I took to build my business and empower you to create your personal version of freedom.
  • My approach is nurturing, supportive, and practical.
    I know what it’s like to feel fear, to feel resistance, to juggle family life, and worry whether you can make this all work.
    I’ll be there with you to guide you forward.
  • The support I provide includes weekly 1:1 mentor chats - just you and me to dive deep into your business, your why, what you want to achieve and how you will get there.
  • Personalized action plan to launch your new business.
  • Daily support in Go ŌYLPRŌ Facebook community.
  • In person trainings and events across the globe.
  • Access to supportive resources, training tools and systems that are proven to work.
  • Your own doTERRA website to go with your business.
  • Access to a leading Mindset Coach to help you overcome any fears, doubts or blocks.

TEAM ŌYL  Community

My passion is to help you succeed in life AND in business. Your goals & dreams become my goals & dreams. I teach you the direct path to reaching your own them and I infuse a whole lot of joy and gifts into everything I do. I value most honesty, connection, authenticity, integrity, gratitude, and purpose.

This business takes heart, determination, and vision. It takes you getting uncomfortable, being coachable and rising up to become the leader that is within you. And it doesn’t have to be so hard. When we are following our passions and doing the things that bring us joy, success will follow. I have team members in over 55 different countries.

Hundreds of people a month are joining my community, wellness warriors from all over the globe, ready to make a change.

I would love to have you join too!