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TEAM ŌYL HUB, The #1 Destination for dōTERRA Education


We believe people today want to have the calm confidence that comes with making informed decisions for themselves and their futures - and we want it to be simple, natural, and sustainable.

To be truly empowered - we need not only information but the effective tools to rock a healthy, glowing life. And most important - is to feel part of a community of people who are living the same lifestyle.

This free membership is the opportunity to have just that.


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A Look Inside The ŌYL HUB 


We're a team of 10,000+ from every corner of the globe (60+ countries) and between us, we know a lot. We took years of education, hundreds of hours of certifications, Masters Degrees, and hard earned life wisdom and distilled it into simple, relevant and life changing online courses to help you elevate your wellness, your habits, and even your finances.

Lifestyle Overview

We take a holistic approach to every area of your wellness, from sleep to stress to diet. This course offers an in depth introduction to endless opportunities to feel your best with dōTERRA products and optimized habits.

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Online Cleanse Camp

Are you in need of a total body reset? This course walks you through our signature 30 day - Cleanse & Restore system to leave you refreshed, energized and rocking your glōw. With personalized coaching. 

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Online Business Basics

 From ground zero to skyscraper, we help you launch and scale an online wellness business. With tried and true strategies and done-for-you business blueprints we've got you covered for however BIG you want to take it. 
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If you are a member of TEAM ŌYL, fill out this form and we will send you a personal code that will get you access to $3333 of content for free.

This will only work if you use the same email that we send emails to (that's how we know you're in our system!) 

Inside Your Membership

  • High-vibe community of 10,000+ that has your back, always.

  • Exclusive-access to social media groups, weekly live trainings, ebooks, & online video courses.

  • Mentorship from dōTERRA's most global TEAM ŌYL .

  • The chance to double your humanitarian impact (up to $15,000) with dōTERRA healing hands.

  • Monthly wellness challenges, like our signature detox (cleanse camp).

  • Opportunities to earn commission as an affiliate.

  • Our signature business-builder blueprint for those interested in dōTERRA's financial opportunities.


Meet Victoria


Hey, this is Victoria, the founder of TEAM ŌYL.  

I am really excited you're here and ready to dive into all the resources we've created for you.

I am a Presidential Diamond Leader in dōTERRA and let me tell you this achievement didn't come with out a lot of work and a lot of learning. By creating these online resources for you, I hope to inspire and encourage you along your dōTERRA journey wherever it takes you. 

Having gone through my own healing journey and supported my family through various health challenges, I am confident these products can offer life changing results to your loved ones, with co-benefits of social impact and environmental stewardship.

I can't wait for you to learn more!


With Love,