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5 Habits To Let Go!

Feb 07, 2022
You’re a boss. You own your life. You are responsible for your inner world, your success, your health, your goals, and being clear on your purpose. But sometimes you can just feel out of alignment - WHY?
Here are five things to release which may well be the culprit you’ve been wanting to deal with. 
1. Obligation
‘No’ is a complete sentence. You do not need to explain yourself. How many times do you say yes when your soul is screaming no? How does it feel when you let obligation speak rather than honesty? Knowing your boundaries and what you will and won’t tolerate or prioritize, will always eliminate obligation. Learn to say “no” with grace and no guilt!
Fear is focusing on the past – an experience you have had – or the future – what you have imagined could happen. 
See it as False Evidence Appearing Real. It is exactly that – false! 
Fear is the biggest career, business, and life block that could ever get in your way. Choose when to acknowledge it (when it’s legitimately going to save your life) and when to see through it. 
3. Putting yourself last 
There is no badge of honor for being a martyr and people-pleasing. We all know we can’t pour from an empty cup, so why try? Your needs being met do not take away from anyone else, in fact, the way you treat yourself teaches others how you want to be treated. Self-love is not selfish – it is vital. And again, practice self-love guilt-free!
4. Comparison 
As the saying goes, this bad boy is the thief of joy. The only person you should compare to is the person you were in the past. Why compare to anyone else? Do you know the story behind their glory? Expend energy on toasting to what an incredible, confident, and successful human being YOU are, not on comparing to someone else. 
5. Negative thoughts 
I believe the only negative thought that is dangerous, is one you believe. I have chosen to believe this because we all have a choice to dismiss any given thought or feeling or to believe it. What will you choose? If emotion is stirred or triggered by something someone said or did, it is your choice to respond with that emotion. Including reading this very paragraph. Negative self-talk/thoughts can be rewired and retrained if you are committed to it. 
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Are you committed to letting go of any (or all!) of these things? 
Which one stood out to you the most? 
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