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Back To School Tips For 2021

Sep 01, 2021
Another summer has had its final sunset and back-to-school season begins. Probably you and your kids have a bit of anxiety about this coming year and what it's going to even look like!
For many, this Fall will be the first time kids have been back in school for full days, 5 days a week since March of 2020. Isn’t that wild? This means for many kids, in-person schooling is a distant memory. For them, getting used to waking up and leaving the house each morning will be an even bigger deal than usual. 
Getting back into the school year routine is always a challenge after enjoying lazy summer days - for the kids and parents -  OK, let’s be real, a lot of us parents are breathing a sigh of relief!
The first few days, there will certainly be some excitement and first-day jitters. There are also likely to be questions about health and safety as your children make the transition back to in-class learning. 
Here are some tips for being as prepared as possible for back-to-school time, how to roll with the punches, and how to help your kids thrive after such an uncertain year.
Tip #1: Have a Morning Routine
I wake my daughter up a few minutes early so she can have a good stretch and put her FLOOT Blend on her foot.  She does not like to be rushed or jolted awake, so we just pad in time for her stretching - and the occasional back rub from mama!  Then it’s a healthy breakfast, getting dressed, packing up her backpack, and a final homework check before she’s out the door - and of course, she brushes her teeth!
Tip #2: Set Dress Standards
While remote learning definitely had its drawbacks, there were some benefits - like rolling out of bed and studying in their pajamas! It was convenient and comfortable, but those days are behind us. Remind your kids about what kind of attire is appropriate for school - our school (gratefully) has a uniform! If your school has a dress code - be sure your kids are aware and compliant!  Picking out the day’s outfit may need to be a part of the evening routine!
Tip #3: Set Tech Boundaries
Not sure about you, but my daughter got pretty attached to her iPad during the lockdowns and home learning!  Breaking this habit has been a lot of work and I don’t want her to slip right back into it.  Be clear, whatever works for your home - but be clear about it.  AFTER homework and chores are complete you can have XXX time on the XXX (device). So, for us, Kailin is very social so she likes to spend an hour in a monitored room with her school friends.  She’s not allowed to have her door shut. That type of thing - Again, depending on age and your family dynamic - set what works for you but then adhere to it.
Tip #4: Have an Evening To-Do List
Honestly, if you want a morning routine that is stress-free - take care of as much as you can the night before. An evening to-do list on the refrigerator or near the family calendar including tasks such as:
  • Pack lunch/ Snacks
  • Pack up the backpack
  • Laying out a suitable outfit if needed
  • Make sure that breakfast options are on hand
  • Shower/Bath
  • Setting the alarm clock
  • Turn on the diffuser with a calming recipe inside
Ok, enough here - you will get so much more in my Back to School eBook below!
Tip #5: Schedule in Plenty of Family Time
In the past 18 months, we may have had a lot more time together than we ever expected - most days were a blessing . Suddenly having to spend hours away from home (and you!) may cause anxiety for kids who love routine. 
Help your children feel supported and get that much-needed family time they’ve become accustomed to by blocking off time for them in the evening. Having a set family dinner time where they can talk about their day will give them space to talk about their anxieties and have something to look forward to each evening after a long day at school.
Whether your child is thrilled to go back to school and see their friends or is hesitant about the many changes ahead, they may need your support to get into the swing of things. Send them to school with some of their favorite calming oils - I LOVE Calmer for the little ones and Adaptiv or Balance for Pre-teens and up -  but let them choose - this helps them to feel some control.  Which, is a very pleasant feeling in this out-of-control world!
OK, I could keep going, but I need to make dinner! Click the button below and get my Back to School eBook for even more Back to School goodness!
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