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Energy & Exercise

Mar 15, 2021
Can essential oils enhance your energy and exercise? 
I would say this past year has given us more than enough reasons to work out at home: global pandemics, homeschooling, budgets, little ones, and more. Or maybe you just prefer it!
Even if you’re not a weekend warrior, you can still get into beast mode at home.
Here are some essential oil tips for your workout and some trade secrets on how to maximize your exercise.
MINDSET: Look forward to it!!
Instead of viewing your workouts as a chore, treat them like the opportunity of a lifetime. We’ve got these miraculous bodies—let’s get excited to move them! To turn your fitness regimen from to-do list to bucket list:
  • Find a podcast or TV show that you reserve for working out.
  • Diffuse one of these Energy and Motivation diffuser blends during your reps.
  • The more you do it, the more you’ll love it and hate to go without it
Pencil it in
If you’re new to exercise, start slow! Just schedule in 15 minutes a day and you can build up from there. Don't try to do too much too fast!  And on those busy days, try to find 2 minutes 4 times throughout the day - studies show that this will still have a significant positive effect on your health! 2min of stretching, then 2 minutes of cardio, then 2 minutes of weight resistance (Think push-ups!) then 2 min of stretching - no gym membership or fancy clothes required!
Rely on a support system
When that calendar ping isn’t motivation enough to throw on some leggings and start moving, have your friends and family jump in as cheerleaders. Gym buddies aren’t reserved for the gym. That’s why we call them fitness friends!
  • Find an accountability partner - preferably one that is on the same journey -  you can text or call right before your workout starts.
  • Recruit someone in your household to join you! If adults aren’t available and the music is loud enough, kids will love to run and jump around with you.
  • Count on your furry friends too! If your dog gets in the habit of a daily walk, he’ll never let you forget it!
Add pep to your step with a pre-workout boost!
With only 24 hours in the day, sometimes the only spot for a sweat session is before the sun rises. While you’re bleary-eyed and stumbling to your yoga mat, take a naturally derived Mito2Max® for some instant energy and stamina, and avoid those commercial products full of who knows what!
Pro tip: Try our new nutrition line for recovery! Listen to this amazing podcast on Supporting Your Body with the doTERRA Nutrition Line
Mix it up
If you find yourself bored to tears by the same 'ole workout, try something new! Pilates? What about yoga? Online videos? Crossfit? HIIT? Functional fitness or any of the other dozens of trending workouts? If all else fails to grab your attention, turn on some jams and dance around the kitchen!
Give yourself some space
If you can, create a designated area you work out in each day. No extra room? Make do with that you have!
  • Push the furniture aside to make room for yoga mats or floor workouts.
  • Use a kitchen chair for tricep dips, lunges, or step-ups.
  • Use backpacks with books in them to add resistance or weight.
  • Anything goes! A kid’s old jump rope is your new cardio. Your kitchen timer is your new interval trainer. 
  • Get creative!
Keep it fresh
Just because you happen to be working out at home, doesn’t mean it has to SMELL like it!  Try this amazing blend to set the scene for a gorgeous outdoor hike!
See how far you’ve come
When you hit the gym, you keep track of your PB (personal bests). Why not do the same at home? Every time you go the extra mile, do a few more reps with a heavier weight, or conquer that headstand, celebrate! Jot it down in your journal, share it on social media, call a friend. The important thing is to compete against yourself, not other people, and recognize every win!
End on the right note
If you do anything on this list, make it this one. The second you finish your at-home workout, it can be tempting to rush to the next thing. Treat your body right by recovering right!
  • If you have enough time for a soak, add Epsom salt and a few drops of Lavender or Ylang Ylang to the tub for a post-workout bath and let the warm water relieve tired muscles. Once dry, finish with Beautiful hydrating body mist.
  • After a grueling sweat session, apply Deep Blue Rub into your muscles while you stretch.
  • Try this DIY foot soak or triple the recipe for a soothing Epsom salt bath.
dōTERRA DIY  // Foot Soak
1 Cup of Epsom Salt 
5-8 drops essential oils
Pour Epsom salt and essential oils into a bowl of warm water
Soak feet for 10-15 minutes
Wash feet with cold water and pat dry
And remember, stay hydrated! 
Did you know you can add doTERRA essential oils to your water??  
Here’s an eBook for you on using them internally: Internal Use eBook
Excited to hear how you do! Remember, exercise = energy!  You got this!
What’s your favorite home workout?
Be Well,

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