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New Year New You!

Jan 01, 2022
I'm sure like me, many of you are using the new year as a good reason to give up bad habits or start some new good ones.
Whether it's adding a fitness routine (possibly still hard to join a gym at the moment!), taking up an instrument, giving up smoking (PLEASE!!), or cutting down on drinking alcohol I wish you all the best of luck with your New Year’s resolutions. Did you know 55% of NY Resolutions are health-related? And that 80% of the people quit before January is over??? How to fix this???
There is likely to be a mixture of emotions when going through with new changes, particularly after the indulgent Christmas period. Actually the first few weeks you may feel intentional and motivated... but then life gets in the way, doesn't it?
Luckily there are all sorts of little things you can do to help yourself get through it. Of course, one thing to bear in mind is to set yourself realistic and achievable goals.
One way of simplifying things is to concentrate on achieving one thing at a time. Try to set yourself up so that whatever you’re trying to achieve can be made easier and most importantly – as enjoyable as possible.
There are also some great ways in which aromatherapy can lend a helping hand. When trying out something new, it’s important to maintain a positive attitude in order to stay motivated and committed.
Aromatherapy can offer a wonderfully natural way of assisting us in day-to-day life with our emotions and attitudes towards situations.
After all, our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses when it comes to triggering memories and evoking our emotions.
So, I thought I'd highlight just a few essential oils which can really help you to feel positively uplifted, motivated, and ready to achieve your New Year goal.
There are various ways in which aromas can help us to get up and go. It may have a stimulating effect, help to energize, or may assist in keeping the mood up through promoting feelings of joy when things get tough.
Whatever it is, I'm sure you can find a scent that’s right for you and that will help you along your journey to a new you.
One of the first oils which springs to mind when thinking about motivation is Rosemary. Rosemary is an incredibly stimulating scent that helps invigorate both body and mind and helps to promote self-confidence. Its refreshing scent helps combat mental fatigue, helping you to feel awake and alert.
Rosemary works especially well when combined with sweet, citrus oils such as Bergamot. The two combine to give you a wonderfully uplifting and motivating blend.
Bergamot is one of the top oils for treating bouts of sadness and stress. It is a pleasantly sweet aroma that is pleasing to most and its uplifting properties are just the boost we may need to get us over the first hurdles of our New Year’s resolutions.  
Why not try this classic combination: Diffuse 3 drops Bergamot and 2 drops Rosemary in a diffuser. Or add a few drops of each to a pumas stone bracelet to wear in times of need. You can also enjoy this combination in the shower by adding a few drops to a wet washcloth on the floor of your shower and allowing the aroma to be diffused through the steam.
Whatever your aims and ambitions are for 2022, I wish you all the best of luck and hope these tips will help you along the way. Let me know what you're planning to uplevel in 2022 in the comments and I'll see if I can come up with a blend or tip to help you personally.
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