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Why do we feel so good at the beach?

Jul 18, 2023

Earthing or grounding - it’s amazing! I do it every day and it literally shifted my health majorly for the better a few years back. Let me tell you my story and what it is!

So, it's been about eight years now, I would guess, since this journey started for me. David and I were taking a walk on Martha's Vineyard as we do every summer and suddenly I lost my vision just for a few seconds. It rattled me, of course - I stopped abruptly in my tracks, and David was very concerned about what was wrong. I didn't know, but it was kind of scary. It went away, and we kept walking. About two weeks later, it happened again. And then it was happening every week. And then it was happening twice a week. It was almost like a small blackout, very hard to describe.  Very strange, just a few seconds, and it was really just my vision. No other symptoms. So, of course, I went to the doctor. First, they thought that it was connected to my Graves disease. They did a lot of tests, and it wasn't. I don't even have a thyroid anymore, and I'm quite stable using my thyroid replacement meds, my Slim & Sassy essential oil, and Mito2Max for energy.  So, they kept checking; They did an MRI, they did a cat scan, they did everything that you could possibly think of.  They couldn't figure out what was causing this.  I had to quit driving. This was becoming quite a problem and very concerning. They even thought I was having mini-strokes!!  This was crazy!! I'm so healthy! I eat well, I exercise, I don’t drink or smoke - how could this be happening? One day I was chatting with a new friend at my Zumba class, and she said have you heard of Grounding? 

I remembered that a couple of years before that, Doctor John Gray, who is the author of Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus, advised me to have my son start Earthing because he was having some focus issues. (I had the honor of meeting John at a reception for natural health at his home). I said grounding??  she explained it to me, and then I said oh, EARTHING! For various reasons, I didn’t look into Earthing when John Gray first mentioned it.  I wasn't “there yet” on my learning and journey - of course, now I think he's a genius!!! So, earthing was coming into my life again, and I was much more open this time. Maybe because I was so anxious or because it came to me twice, but I took it seriously for whatever reason.  My friend loaned me a video and a book called Earthing by Clinton Ober. I recommend it to everyone! You can go to and buy earthing pads, earthing blankets, and all kinds of ways that you can Earth indoors.  My friend had also loaned me one of her earthing pads, and I plugged it into a grounded socket  (it's not electrical -you plug it into the ground whole only). I started putting my bare feet on it in my apartment on the 31st floor of a high-rise… I thought I was losing my mind (but I have thought that many times now on my little biohacking journey).

I'm here to tell you that since that first moment of putting my feet on that pad, I have not had one of those little episodes with my vision since! You can rest assured that everyone in my family received an earthing pad for Christmas that year - that's how convinced I was and am of its healing powers. I have posted a news piece and an article on my website on earthing so that you can get a little bit more science on it, but I also highly recommend that you read the book or, even better, take an hour and watch the Earthing Movie I have linked up for you! I also highly recommend that you look into the dōTERRA oil Balance. It's our grounding oil, and it actually will help you feel grounded!  Don't wait like I did.

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